Contacting Keith

Cellular w/voicemail: (250) 216-3966

Paper Mail c/o: 1 Adams Place, #16 Victoria B.C. V9B 6P6

E-Mail: keith*
(please change the * symbol to the normal one for email - I'm trying to stop spammers' robot software).
If you have trouble with that email address, which has happened due to hosting service problems, try keithketchley*

About Keith

If you get a phone error message please try again later, and try to let me know the exact time of the problem.
Some cellular service providers give that message if the phone starts to ring but connectivity is lost due signal variation.

(If you see an 878 number in the Canpages directory for Greater Vancouver, or in Telus directories or web sites, be aware I have not had that number for several years
and it is not in their web directory at - something is odd about that particular directory issue from that known troubled company.)

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