Let's not forget those who toil to make a new idea actually work - by figuring out how to efficiently produce a quality product.

The invention of antibiotics was a great advance for human life, potentially.
But while penicillin was discovered in 1928, it was of limited value until Norman Heatley tackled production in 1941.

Heatley made enough for clinical trials, then developed production methods whose basic principles are still used today.
He devised a new method of measuring the activity of the product - that is, the ability to test the effectiveness of production batches (a rather fundamental quality :-).
He developed volume production methods - the penicillin had to be extracted from the mould that produces it, and purified.

He modestly said "I am not a very good scientist, but I am very good at improvising."
(Actually he was trained in biochemistry. And I suspect good at persevering, working through the "nitty gritty" of details, as people might say back then.)

- source: Victoria Times-Colonist of January 9, 2004

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