Believe it or not .....
An individual interviewed for a job with an experienced company, as a direct employee. The usual information on policies and benefits was provided.

A few weeks later a well known contract agency called, one with "professional" in its name.

The agency's representative wanted a quick answer to their offer to employ the individual in the job that was discussed only with the other company, but as an employee of the contract agency.
So the individual asked to see the policies and terms of the contract agency. The rep refused, but continued to push the individual for a decision.

After much back and forth another agency representative was brought into the discussion and said: "Oh, we normally would have offered that information on first discussion, so should provide it now."

So....a person wanting to hire people is repeatedly refusing to provide standard information that in normal circumstances would already have been provided.

What mentality would behave as the first rep did?
(What mentality would repeatedly refuse to provide standard information - then proceed in ignorance of actual policy and in a most unhelpful manner?)

Who hired that rep?
(More important: Who hasn't fired that rep?)

PS: The individual declined to work for an agency that would behave like that.

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