Art Lecture Tours for Stroller Moms

Vermeer (link updated and another link)

Linda Mann - and more links

Hometaught Art List (site under revision so list may be missing)

Len Gibbs
(that page now has several paintings, however Len retired and they only list what they have for sale)
Try this link for one piece and names of books containing his art.

Dianne Durante's links to museum art exhibits

Sylvia Bokor (Cordair Gallery)
"We specialize in nuturing and fuelling the spirit with stylized visions of beauty, clarity, and exaltation."

Owning a Work of Art by Sylvia Bokor

Michael Wilkinson, sculptor
"My work affirms the magnificent potential for beauty and goodness in the human spirit."

Nina's Serigraphy

Meaning & Value of Art

An Artist on Capitalism

Paintings of Aircraft

A Quote about Art

Art Renewal Center to be added.....



A Doo Wop EZine I know, but it's his amateur history site, not grammatically polished writing. :-)

SoCal Doo Wop Society

OK - whasis "doo wop"?

Allright, enough of doo-wop, let's look at another root of RockNRoll. "In five brief but glorious years, a handful of young, animated performers set the entertainment world on its ear." From Amazon's description of the book + DVD "The Rockabilly Legends - They Called It Rockabilly Long Before It Was Called Rock and Roll" (look for it on Amazon - not interested? I'll tease you that it includes Elvis ;-)

And if acappella is your thing....
(the Acappella-Go performers look much younger than the songs :-)

Darlene Love Blossoms Again

Heritage Music Review
- reviews of blues, rock&roll, zydeco & like music (+ Seattle performance schedules).
Produced by Doug Bright, now has a website with email address.
Look for Taylor Jay - Doug Bright groups in the Seattle area, live and CD. (Some with "Gumbo" in their name (those are Creole/New Orleans style blues/jazz/??? though they are usually versatile. (Hey, didn't one of those type of songs launch Brenda Lee's stardom? :-).

And from RnR history,especially in the NW US, The Wailers (very influential pioneers; see Pat O'Day's recent book for additional information)

The People Behind Rock and Roll

RnR Sounds


A classical music composer, including for saxaphones. (I find it relazing).


Antenna advice for receiving distant/weak radio stations.

Interference advice for receiving distant/weak radio stations.


Calvin & Hobbes
Sometime philosophers (some days just brats).

Running helps academic career?
(Professor Lonergan from The U of Victoria, May 4, 2001)

Avian Carrier Internet Protocol
(may be of interest to electricity users in California).

Fast Cat sold?(regrets, link gone)
(just for SW British Columbians interested in ferries & roads to Whistler skiing)

Movie Notes

John Lautner - Architect

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