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Movie theatre hosts a church

The Silver City movie theatre in Saanich BC is hosting a church's service on Sunday morning.

Coincidentally, that land had a movie theatre hosting a church - decades ago it was a drive-in theatre what had an indoor room.

And that theatre thinks out of the box by showing opera performances. (One theatre chain is also showing art works, such as a Vermeer exhibition, presumably on the big screen (their web site doesn't work well, and they haven't responded to my query).) All increasing use of facilities, and extending hours of employment, in the face of the ease today of watching videos on home equipment.

Versatility and using strengths (ample existing facilities including a room for young children, parking, and experience with special events such as opera films).

Where is your data sleeping tonight - another edition:

In a dumpster?

Are there really banks so stupid out there?

Great things from small beginnings:

Interview with Marion Knott, of the Berry Farm fame.

(Note your competition may start small, even incidentally.)

Alas, she's gone.

Sony Entertainment knew its computing system was vulnerable.

Bureaucracies can be slow to fix things.

Make sure you buy A ROUND TUIT.

An "interesting" aspect of the Sony breach was that they obtained employee data and emails. Compartmentalization is essential, with firewalls between. And there are multi-factor approaches to security, though if someone gets into the heart of your system can they fake input from those?


Kurmudgeon Keith's Critical Comments:
(In chronological order - newest at the bottom of section.)

Seeing what isn't there:

Thinking we see something....that isn't really there.

Optimism versus reality - how to tell the difference?

What’s blocking your message?

Increasingly, people run tight security. So if you:
- Are intrusive (try to get info from or place something into my computer).
- Inappropriately code a link to an external service (one good lady put a link to paypal instead of just an icon for people to click if they wanted to, that really slowed her site down).

Your desired communication will not occur.

Keep Your Old Stuff?

Sony Entertainment had to shut down its entire computing network in response to attack by hackers.

Then they dug out old communications devices and check printers to get some business done, including paying employees.

Whee! NOT




Providing value by professionally applying integrated knowledge of development, installation, testing,
operations, user factors, safety, economics, administration, and people values foundations in the real world.
Product development emphasis includes Vehicle Electronic Systems, Avionics, and user-oriented medical aids.

Methods include TQM, Team-work, Concurrent Engineering, Systems Integration, Fundamental Values Management
- from a perspective of understanding principles for success not as buzz-speak panaceas.

See CAPABILITIES for more information.

I defend what fosters peace & prosperity
- individual freedom
supported by justice & defense.

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