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Sony Entertainment knew its computing system was vulnerable.

Bureaucracies can be slow to fix things.

Make sure you buy A ROUND TUIT.

An "interesting" aspect of the Sony breach was that they obtained employee data and emails. Compartmentalization is essential, with firewalls between. And there are multi-factor approaches to security, though if someone gets into the heart of your system can they fake input from those?

Farming trees for the long term

Peter Schleifenbaum shows benefits of ownership by a smart person.

Why customers switch providers/sources

The Usability Bear claims to know the underlying causes of poor company attitude and bureaucracy that motivate customers to purchase elsewhere.

Feature synergy:
It sounds as though Fiat-Chrysler use the anti-skid system's wheel rotation sensing to decide when to engage all-wheel-drive.
(Normally the Renegade operates in two-wheel-drive as that uses less fuel.)

Useful features in condo apartments:

A building in Colwood BC advertises a mini-garage option for your mobility scooter. (The building is well situated for that, just a few blocks to some stores including grocery and drug, and to a library and recreation centre.)
A building in Victoria has a refrigerated room that grocery delivery people can put your food in.
(At least one chain has online ordering, which delivery suits.
Perhaps one chain will open early so people can shop before work and have their purchases delivered while they are away from home.)
Very smart, given the demographic of many condo apartment owners.


Kurmudgeon Keith's Critical Comments:

(In chronological order - newest at the bottom of section.)

What do organizations want in software updates?

" 'Long-term speed' is what organizations want. They want stuff to get fixed, but they don't want changes that muck up the works."

Keith says they also want better quality up front.

A binary error is easy to make.

I recently experienced an example of that in communications/semantics.
I asked a store clerk where the large packages of peanuts were. He asked "shelled or unshelled". I responded "unshelled".
20 seconds of confusion followed because I meant taken out of their shell ("shelling" being a common term for that action) whereas he interpreted my statement as meaning not taken out of the shell, that is "not shelled".

Precision in wording is helpful.

(And of course measurements may be "nominal".
Moen defines the length of a u-shaped wall grab bar by useable grabbing length, which is good in one sense, but a critical factor is needed space for installation, which is about six inches longer due to the bends, diameter of bar, and mounting flanges. Even 12" usable length is enough for two hands to grab)




Providing value by professionally applying integrated knowledge of development, installation, testing,
operations, user factors, safety, economics, administration, and people values foundations in the real world.
Product development emphasis includes Vehicle Electronic Systems, Avionics, and user-oriented medical aids.

Methods include TQM, Team-work, Concurrent Engineering, Systems Integration, Fundamental Values Management
- from a perspective of understanding principles for success not as buzz-speak panaceas.

See CAPABILITIES for more information.

I defend what fosters peace & prosperity
- individual freedom
supported by justice & defense.

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