I presume you have a service manual, though I may include brief pointers from it to make this advice more cohesive.


- to get at the hinge bolts to adjust a sagging front door you'll need to either:
> remove the fender, or
> try to use a swivel joint socket drive for the forward bolts and a ratchetting wrench with small head (such as the GearWrench combination wrench from MasterCraft (Canadian Tire 58-8845-6) - not a socket ratchet) for the aft bolt.

I recommend putting paper or plasticine in the swivel joint to constrain it from moving on its own, tieing a string to it so it does not fall down to an irretrievable location, and using a swivel bar not a socket ratchet as there is very little clearance to the door skin - wrap the tools with tape to avoid scratching the skin.
Yes, Chrysler designers - it is that awkward! (The bottom hinge is especially awkward because the hinge spring bar prevents use of a crowfoot wrench - yet that is the one you'll probably have to adjust.)

Undoing the bottom bolt of the fender and carefully prying it away from the body (the lower side cladding covers and restricts it, the fender liner attachment restricts it) does not help as it is well below the hinge, unless you drop the tool because you didn't tie a string to it. :-) (The fender bottom attach bolt is 10mm hex head, the liner attachment is a plastic pop rivet.)

The hex bolt heads fit 13 mm wrench flats (1/2 inch should fit). Use a 6 inch extension bar on the swivel socket - 3 inch too short to hold easily to maneuver the socket onto the bolt head.

Be prepared to hold the doorway partway open to maximize the gap, and to use a flashlight to better see to maneuver the the socket onto the bolt head. Watch your fingers!
The amount of adjustment available from loosening the hinge bolts and lifting the door rear edge is small, but hopefully is enough to get several more years use of the vehicle without replacing the hinge.

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