I presume you have a service manual, though I may include brief pointers from it to make this advice more cohesive.

Herein I cover:
- Removing the lining from the rear hatch (deluxe 1994 model with lighting option package and special sound system)
- Replacing the unlatch solenoid
- replacing the license plate lights

- removing the lining is obvious except for:
> two screws behind the speaker-grill/light assemblies, which are removed by prying on the grill at the two notches
> two clips not far away at the edges (you should be able to see their location from the edge, then pry with a wide tool)
> four screws at the top (bend down to see them)

- the solenoid is attached with two 8mm screws, but the lower one is not in line with the access hole so you'll need a flat 8mm wrench or small right angle ratchet

- while the bulbs are supposed to be replaceable from the outside, on my vehicle the holders had crumbled and fell inside so I had to replace those from the inside. The holders connect to the vehicle wiring by connectors. Bulb found installed was #194, #161 would generate less heat (the factory holders are quite soft and crumble from the heat of the bulb), manual shows #168. Instead of paying $38. each from a Chrysler dealer I purchased part number 5468 from Pico ( and replaced its connectors with the Caravan ones (5468 is a Chrysler license plate light harness but not for Caravan - it has the same size seal and projecting dimensions but different connector (a case of not leaving well enough alone - Chrysler does reuse parts, such as the rear dome light which resembles what they used in Darts and vans in the 1970s though I have not checked the wiring connections).

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