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Product Development Perspectives - Usability and Economics (presented to Viatec group January 2012)

How Are You Growing Your Bureaucracy? (introduction & outline, PAMEA 2009)
(Educational References for that talk requires Microsoft Word, CTRL+right-click on links in it)
(Educational References viewable with Acrobat Reader

Avionics Modifications in Reality
(Presented at Aircraft Electronics Association conference, Vancouver BC, 1997.)

Ensuring the Integrity of Aircraft Tires
Flight Safety Foundation International Air Safety Seminar, Rio de Janeiro, November 1983.
(Published by FSF in seminar proceedings.)

Are Monopolies Possible?

Who is your competition? (using grocery stores as an example)

Are opinion surveys accurate?
In the January 2012 issue of "The 4th Dimension", newsletter of the Victoria branch of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC. See the newsletter page 3.
(If your browser has trouble with that URL check my notes on deciphering % codes that show when someone did not format a URL wisely.)

ARTICLES by Others

Why Businessmen Should Be Honest, by Jaana Woiceshyn & Ed Locke,
September 1995 Journal of Organizational Behaviour, John Wiley & Sons Ltd. (Wiley Interscience).
(Also available in book Why Businessmen Need Philosophy, ARI Press - link through ARI to, who provide good service until there's a problem, then Jeff Bezos' fails to apply his concern about difficult-to-open toy packages to his company's operations (very difficult to communicate with).)

I don't know how solidly Bill Gates spread the values underlying Microsoft's undeniable success throughout the company before he retired - I saw gaps, but he laid some out in his articles Ten Attributes of a Good Employee, What Makes a Good Manager, and Long-Term Leadership Demands Candor & Consistency
Usually found on in PressPass > Bill Gates' columns. They were here but now you have to know the month and year to find them.

Values of the very successful Branch Bank and Trust company (now in a PDF booklet downloadable or viewable from that page).

Stephen R. Covey - "7 Habits", and this page too.

Hewlett-Packard's "Rules of the Garage" were good, but their web site has been dumbed down to only history not values.
(Perhaps just as well since the company had not been walking the talk for years.)
Wikipedia's article may be generally useful as may this article and this one

Work Culture (Analog Devices)

BOOKS by Others

How to be Profitable and Moral by Jaana Woiceshyn
(my review)

Negotiation - for life & business by Rob Flitton
(my review)

The Essence of Leadership, Edwin Locke et al
(Identifies the leadership traits that have made real companies successful.)

No Excuses Management, T.J.Rodgers
(Worthwhile for its "no-politics" and "everyone hears the reasons" approaches,
from a successful entrepreneur and executive of a high tech business.)

The Last Place On Earth
(The saga of how and why the first team to reach the South Pole achieved that goal
and returned alive, while others did not. Of note for knowledge acquisition and planning/preparation.)

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