BOOK REVIEW by Keith Sketchley


by Robert Flitton

Negotiation for Life and Business provides principles for negotiation, and many tips on tactics - both ethical ones and those you want to detect being used against you (before it is too late ;-).

Rob Flitton provides a foundation in life to justify each principle. For most cases he gives examples from his own experience, or that of people he knew.

Flitton provides a “trading values” alternative to the compromising of “win-win”.

The underlying principles he explains are valid for both business and personal life, a few examples for personal life are provided. (A benefit of a book written like this one is principles that can be used for various situations, in contrast to a "cookbook" approach that does not equip a reader for situations not covered.)

His Eleventh trait of a good negotiator is especially interesting to me (about saying No).

Flitton writes in a very readable style, clear, not wordy. Many of the chapters have sub-headings or summary statements that help you find a topic to review it for better understanding. (It would be even better if those sub-headings were provided in the sidebar TOC view option of Kindle PC.)

Negotiation for Life and Business is a very good book with both specific information and principles to guide actions in any situation, especially for business people usually involved in negotiations but also for colleagues who support or direct them. It is also a readable book for everyone, both for the advice applicable to personal life and its demonstration that successful business dealings can be ethical.

(Rob Flitton has extensive experience in land development and sales, in Canada and the US.)

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